A bit of YF-12 history courtesy of Vern Henderson:

A couple of quick things! Of the original YF group, was I the only one checked out in the trainer (J-75's) at the ranch? I believe the IP was Ray Haupt . I'm wondering about Joe Rogers, but really don't recall the history.Hanging on the wall in my den is the autographed September 30,1964, photo of the old YF "steering group" taken following Pres. Johnson's announcement of the A-11. Present are: Russ Daniel, Sid Brewer, Lou Andre, H. A. Templeton, Leo Geary, Kelly Johnson, Bill Brown, Vern Henderson and Al McDonald. For some reason Claire Carlson was not present. In the same frame is a photo of 934 signed by Jim Eastham and John Archer. I suspect there are only a few copies of this photo existent. If it has historical value to RRI, I can attempt to have it copied and forward same. Cheers, Vern.

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