In September 2010 Roadrunner president and director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Thornton D. “TD” Barnes and Mr. Peter DeForth organized a 10 day Oxcart Legacy Tour in the Washington, D.C. area that included Q&A panel discussions at CIA, DIA, the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum, USGIF, the International Spy Museum, and the Capitol Hill Club. The panelists consisted of A-12 Pilot Ken Collins, SR-71 pilots Rich Graham and Buz Carpenter, Lockheed Skunkworks manager Bob Murphy, Pratt & Whitney J-58 engine designer Dr. Bob Abernethy, Pratt & Whitney engineer Dennis Nordquist, Photo Analyst Art Beidler, AF ops officer Roger Andersen, Hypersonic flight specialist T.D. Barnes, former CIA radar and stealth engineer ESO office of OSI Gene Poteat, LL.D, and CIA Chief Historian Dr. David Robarge who moderated all the panels. The videos posted below have been cleared for public dissemination.

Air & Space Smithsonian Museum

Defense Intelligence Agency