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Thought members and friends might like a heads up on the reunion that wrapped up last evening. Details of of the reunion will be posted as soon as I recover from our staying up most of the night swapping stories with old friends as we used to do in the years of the past. Before you ask, as soon as the video of C-Span and the other media becomes available I will let everyone know. By all known accounts the two days and nights at the Atomic Testing Museum were a huge success thanks to the excellent hospitality and hard work of the museum staff, the CIA EAA, and our members.

Before all you former Lockheed guys and gals start throwing eggs as me after you read page 4 of the link below, ask Lockheed why it not only refuses to support our presence with a keychain or $.29 ink pen with the skunk logo as they do the SR-71 reunions every two years, but also refuses to even recognize our existence on its cheap coffee mugs, tee shirts and such. Look for yourself. You won’t find a single instance of Lockheed including the CIA U-2 or the A-12 on any of their memorabilia. The corporate contracts with the Air Force must be larger than those with the CIA. The Air Force SR boys and girls too will become history as are the Roadrunners once the corporate honchos and money crunchers decide the Navy is the future. We didn’t ask for their money or trinkets, but a letter to our members recognizing our sacrifices for the company would have been nice now that the program has been declassified and can be acknowledged after 50 years of our secrecy.

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