logoI am pleased to announce the creation of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame (NVAHOF). The NVAHOF is a 501(3)(c) non-profit institution dedicated to education of the public regarding the history of aviation in Nevada. The institution includes contributions of Nevada citizens to the development of worldwide aviation, and preservation of the legacy of those who pioneered and advanced our nation’s aerospace programs within (and above) the State of Nevada. We welcome your support and participation in the recognition and education activities of NVAHOF.
Many of Nevada’s contributions to aerospace and aviation are unique in that they remain classified and hidden in the interests of national security.
Thus the objectives of NVAHOF are unique to those of most other states in that we will not only recognize and honor those early pioneers of flight but will also honor the CIA, military and civilian contractor men and women involved in recent aviation and aerospace programs in Nevada that may remain unknown due to security classification.
NVAHOF is actively engaged in public panels and presentations as part of its education mission. In addition, the NVAHOF has begun collecting documentation and artifacts for exhibits and historical research purposes. Students at the Art Institute of Las Vegas designed our branding and are presently designing a website that will include an extensive virtual museum covering historical projects and events that occurred in our state. http://nvahof.org/. NVAHOF supports the various Cold War Oral History projects at universities in this state and intends to establish two scholarships to be awarded to deserving students as a second function of our Hall of Fame award activities.
Our immediate goals include the finalization of the Board of Directors to help guide our path forward. Our first induction ceremony is being hosted by the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas on 6 November 2010. Information regarding this event will be provided shortly.

Thornton D. “TD” Barnes,