Dear Folks,

As we head toward the traditionally patriotic July 4 festivities, I thought of you all. I want to thank you all for the time and effort you have accorded me in my search to understand my Grandfathers life and accomplishments. I began this whole endeavor with an extremely narrow, self centered view of the history that you all lived. Through our many and different conversations, I have begun to gain a profound gratitude for the truly amazing things you have been a part of. It has been an awesome privilege to have “met” you all, and to have the opportunity to begin the learning process with your help. So from my generation to yours, I humbly submit a heart felt thank you for all the ways you have labored to preserve our country’s freedom and sovereignty, not to mention the astounding technical advances borne of your labor. Without you, and the men and women like you, my children would be inheriting a very different world.

Happy Independence day,

Regards and best wishes,

Tristan Fernald.