Fellow Roadrunners, Dandelions, TAC Recce, and friends of John Shinn join in sorrow to mourn the final flight of Roadrunner John Shinn. His passing is a tough blow to all in our aviator family. John was sent to Korea after graduation where he spent six months flying covert missions in China and Siberia in an RF-86 reconnaissance plane. During the Vietnam War he flew 69 combat missions in an F-4 Phantom. The U-2 Roadrunners remember John as training and deploying with CIA U-2 Detachment C at Groom Lake, a.k.a. Watertown in 1956, and being backup pilot for Francis Gary Powers when Gary was shot down over Russia on May Day 1960. He was one of six original U2 pilots to fly over Russia taking pictures of activities. John was a member of Daedalian Mile High Flight 18. John Shinn took his final flight in Lubbock, TX on Sunday, 16 August. A memorial service for John, organized by his fellow U-2 pilots, took place in Lubbock on 21 August. He was inurned at Ft Logan National Cemetery in Denver on Friday, 11 September.

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