LM OXCART Dinner & Symposium


On 22 April 2010 Lockheed Martin Leadership Association hosted a dinner and symposium event for the participants in CIA A-12 Project OXCART at Groom Lake and Operation Blackshield at Kadena, Okinawa. Master of Ceremonies Kent Burns with LM did an excellent job of organizing the event. Roadrunner President T.D. Barnes moderated a panel consisting of Lockheed Test Pilots Bob Gilliland and Jim Eastham, Lockheed engineer and manager Bob Murphy, Air Force 1129th SAS commander Colonel Slip Slater, CIA A-12 pilot Colonel Ken Collins, and CIA A-12 pilot Lt. Colonel Frank Murray. The panelists provided a feisty account of the Oxcart Project that resonated and created a common bond with others who worked or are working at Groom Lake with the mention of Murphy Green who ran a tight, regimented mess hall for several generations of Groom Lake workers.We thank all those at Lockheed Martin who made this enjoyable dinner and symposium possible and those who attended to hear our stories. We especially want to thank Pete Merlin for making the Blackbird Airpark available for those attending the event and to Mike Schmitz for his photographing the event and making these photos available for us to share. We thank Jim Brown for his presentation on the A-12 imagery and Angus Batey who traveled from the UK to attend the event.Please let us know if we missed identifying those in the photos

Host Kent Burns playing Uncle Sam Jim Eastham Barnes, Eastham, Slater Roadrunner President T.D. Barnes
Symposium Panel Murray, Eastham, Murphy A-12 Pilot Ken Collins Test Pilot Bob Gilliland
A-12 Pilot Frank Murray Murray w Lockheed Cap Murray, Murphy, Andersen at Air Park Colonel Slip Slater
Test Pilot Jim Eastham Lockheed Engineer Bob Murphy Pete Merlin Murray and guests
lm_4-22-10-019.jpg Murphy Sandra and Barbara Slater Linda and Slater
Merlin Andersen, Linda, Murphy Annie Jacobsen and Andersen Gilliland and Barnes
lm_4-22-10-029.jpg Barnes, Merlin, Batey Doris Barnes, Stella and Frank Murray lm_4-22-10-032.jpg
Roger Andersen, Linda, and table mates Kent Burns and son

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