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NVAHOF 2011 Hall of Fame Selections


CONTACT: Dawn Barlow-Curtis, 702-561-6372 September 12, 2011


Ivy Crockett McCarran Murphy Winter Stead Miller Varney
*William A. Ivy George E. Crockett Patrick A. McCarran Florence J. Murphy Charles P. Winters Willam M. Stead Jane A. Miller **Walter T. Varney

HENDERSON, Nevada - On Friday, October 14, 2011, at 7pm, the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame (NVAHOF) will hold its 2nd Annual Induction Ceremony. Much like last year's induction ceremony, this event will mark the official NVAHOF recognition of a select group of aviators, all with a special relationship to the state of Nevada.¬ The 2011 NVAHOF inductees are: William A. Ivy, first in flight over the state of Nevada (1910), Senator Patrick A.McCarran (submitted first bill for separate Air Force and multiple bills forming regulatory structure of aviation industry), Walter T. Varney (First Commercial Airmail Route), Florence J. Murphy (Commercial pilot and Bonanza Airlines executive), George E. Crockett (Founder of Alamo Air Field and Alamo Airways), William M. Stead (Founder of the Reno Air Races), Brigadier General Charles P. Winters (Test pilot and commander over multiple formerly classified programs), and Jane Miller (Flight Nursing Pioneer).

The past year has been an exciting and productive one for NVAHOF. While we have not yet settled on a permanent physical home for the NVAHOF, we continue our mission of increasing awareness of Nevada's unique aerospace history through public outreach and the on going development of our website. Originally organized as a student project of the Las Vegas Art Institute, the development of the site in 2011 included the launch of the "virtual museum" portion of the site. We invite the public to view the site at: .

Information on last year's inductees can be viewed at:

NVAHOF public outreach and educational activities for the past year included: promotional presence at the Reno Air Races and the Nellis Air ForceBase Open House, and Naval Air Station, Fallon. NVAHOF also participated in the reunion of the Atomic Curtiss Marines and meetings of the Daedalians Fighter Flight #62 at Nellis AFB. Last September, NVAHOF organized and participated in a 10-day, Oxcart Legacy Tour in Washington, D.C. Former workers of Nevada's Groom Lake facility gave presentations at the Defense Intelligence Agency(DIA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum, the Capitol Hill Club, and the International Spy Museum. Follow NVAHOF activities starting on our website at:,,

On September 23rd, NVAHOF will participate in an educational tour of Bigelow Aerospace in North Las Vegas. On October 4th, The NVAHOF has collaborated with the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering and UNLV Department of History to present a special edition of the College of Engineering's Dean's Conversation Series. Dr. David Robarge, Chief Historian at the CIA, NVAHOF Director T.D. Barnes, and former CIA A-12 Blackbird pilot, Frank Murray will lead a candid and informative discussion on the CIA's A-12 program. Panelists will field audience questions related to declassified activities during the CIA's Project OXCART. Later that month,

NVAHOF members will tour the Predator and Reaper programs at Creech AFB. This is a special tour arranged for officials from the Central Intelligence Agency at Langley VA, and local representatives from UNLV's College of Engineering and the Atomic Testing Museum.

About the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame

The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame is a non-profit, educational foundation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the men and women who pioneered aerospace within the State of Nevada. The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame established and maintains an ongoing means of honoring individuals who have contributed in asignificant manner, to the development, advancement, and promotion of aerospace in the Battle Born State of Nevada, or elsewhere. NVAHOF also honors individuals who were not native to Nevada, but whose careers enhanced the aerospace climate world wide as well as in space. The mission of NVAHOF is unique as it especially recognizes and honors the men and women of the Cold Warwho worked within the CIA, USAF, and civilians, who worked in secrecy at Groom Lake, the Nevada Test Site, the NASA High Range, Tonopah Test Range, Nellis AFB, Creech AFB, the Fallon Air Station, Stead AFB, and related sites in the state of Nevada.

The goal is to foster, promote, and encourage a better sense of appreciation by the public of those persons' contributions and the role of aerospace,and to perpetuate the memory of those honored by means of public displays and announcements.

Except in cases involving national security concerns, archival materials collected in the course of researching the above mentioned individuals, will be filed for future historical reference. Exceptional and responsible consideration will be given to selection of nominees without compromising the secrecy of their deeds and accomplishments.

The primary educational objectives of the NVAHOF focus on honoring the past while promoting the future of aviation. NVAHOF provides a state-wide Speakers Bureau for outreach within the community. They have also created an accessible archive of Nevada aviation history on the organizations website. An on-linevirtual museum and artifact archive/storage satisfies the final educational objective, while the NVAHOF searches for a permanent home for is collection.The uniqueness and diversity of Nevada's aviation projects make it the most important state in the nation in regards to cutting-edge aerospace technology and development.

*WHO: The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame (NVAHOF)

WHAT:&Second Annual Induction Ceremony and Dinner***

WHERE: Henderson Executive Airport, 3500 Executive Terminal Drive,Henderson, NV 89052

WHEN: Saturday, October 14, 2011 at 6pm

***Due to lack of sponsorship, dinner attendance is limited. Those wishing to
attend this noble

event are welcome. Please contact either of the NVAHOF Directors of
Communication and Development identified below.

Reception 6: p.m.

Dinner 7: p.m.

Seats $75.00 each

Dawn Barlow-Curtis 702-561-6372 Director Southern Nevada

Connie Pardew-May 775 530-2297 Director Northern Nevada

*Photo credit: Courtesy, History Colorado

**Photo credit: United Airlines Historical Foundation

National Geographic and Jacobsen’s Book

The National Geographic Channel documentary Area 51 Declassified released on May 22, 2011 has generated acclaims worldwide, however the Annie Jacobsen book, Area 51 an uncensored history of America’s Top Secret military base has generated a whirlwind of controversy and highly volatile debate. Listed below are various videos appearing in the media.

DIA & Smithsonian Videos of Oxcart Legacy Tour


In September 2010 Roadrunner president and director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Thornton D. “TD” Barnes and Mr. Peter DeForth organized a 10 day Oxcart Legacy Tour in the Washington, D.C. area that included Q&A panel discussions at CIA, DIA, the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum, USGIF, the International Spy Museum, and the Capitol Hill Club. The panelists consisted of A-12 Pilot Ken Collins, SR-71 pilots Rich Graham and Buz Carpenter, Lockheed Skunkworks manager Bob Murphy, Pratt & Whitney J-58 engine designer Dr. Bob Abernethy, Pratt & Whitney engineer Dennis Nordquist, Photo Analyst Art Beidler, AF ops officer Roger Andersen, Hypersonic flight specialist T.D. Barnes, former CIA radar and stealth engineer ESO office of OSI Gene Poteat, LL.D, and CIA Chief Historian Dr. David Robarge who moderated all the panels. The videos posted below have been cleared for public dissemination.

Air & Space Smithsonian Museum

Defense Intelligence Agency

NVAHOF Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame News Release

logoI am pleased to announce the creation of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame (NVAHOF). The NVAHOF is a 501(3)(c) non-profit institution dedicated to education of the public regarding the history of aviation in Nevada. The institution includes contributions of Nevada citizens to the development of worldwide aviation, and preservation of the legacy of those who pioneered and advanced our nation’s aerospace programs within (and above) the State of Nevada. We welcome your support and participation in the recognition and education activities of NVAHOF.
Many of Nevada’s contributions to aerospace and aviation are unique in that they remain classified and hidden in the interests of national security.
Thus the objectives of NVAHOF are unique to those of most other states in that we will not only recognize and honor those early pioneers of flight but will also honor the CIA, military and civilian contractor men and women involved in recent aviation and aerospace programs in Nevada that may remain unknown due to security classification.
NVAHOF is actively engaged in public panels and presentations as part of its education mission. In addition, the NVAHOF has begun collecting documentation and artifacts for exhibits and historical research purposes. Students at the Art Institute of Las Vegas designed our branding and are presently designing a website that will include an extensive virtual museum covering historical projects and events that occurred in our state. NVAHOF supports the various Cold War Oral History projects at universities in this state and intends to establish two scholarships to be awarded to deserving students as a second function of our Hall of Fame award activities.
Our immediate goals include the finalization of the Board of Directors to help guide our path forward. Our first induction ceremony is being hosted by the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas on 6 November 2010. Information regarding this event will be provided shortly.

Thornton D. “TD” Barnes,

Roadrunner Reunion Atomic Testing Museum


(Not to be confused with the Stars and Stripes)


The Atomic Testing Museum is proud to partner with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Roadrunners of Groom Lake in the Roadrunners’ celebration of their 21st Biennial reunion on the 7th and 8th of October. This will be the first public event where Nevada residents and visitors to the state can at long last be informed of the Roadrunners’ participation in winning the Cold War. Together we have teamed to organize and publicize a Roadrunner day where the Roadrunners and guests attending the Roadrunner’s 21st biennial reunion would spend two days conducting symposium panels and otherwise interfacing with the home town public for the first time ever. Adding to the event will be the Central Intelligence Agency supporting and participating with the EAA CIA store and in the symposium panels.
Forty years ago the Central Intelligence Agency’s ultra secret A-12 Project OXCART and Operation Black Shield were terminated and the planes retired. It wasn’t until the last few years that declassification of information about various cold war projects revealed the existence of the highly classified A-12 CIA project OXCART and Operation Black Shield where, for 6 years, the A-12 CIA pilots flying 15 miles above the earth photographed the movements of adversaries around the globe. During the flight phases of Area 51-based Project OXCART, 2,850 flights were completed for a total of 4,800 flight hours. There were 1,032 flights that reached or exceeded speeds of Mach 3.0 for a total of 675 flight hours at or above Mach 3.0. The maximum speed achieved was Mach 3.29 and the maximum altitude achieved was 90,000. During the last three years of OXCART, Mach 3.0 flights out of Groom Lake were made on a routine daily basis.
Project OXCART was the experimental test phase that was conducted in secrecy matching the Manhattan Project that produced the atomic bomb. The CIA’s Oxcart Team at Groom Lake consisted of the 1129th Special Activities Squadron of the Air Force, Lockheed, EG&G Special Projects, and numerous support corporations. In 1962, the pilots transitioned from the Air Force into this CIA project, returning to the Air Force in 1968. Twenty-nine combat missions were flown during Operation BLACK SHIELD. Twenty-four were flown over North Vietnam, two primarily targeted over Cambodia and Laos and three flown over North Korea. The photo imagery taken on these missions was excellent. Enemy radar tracking was reported, ranging from brief reflections of the A-12’s presence to extended and accurate tracking. Surface to air missiles were launched at the A-12 without success.
Five of the A-12s were lost due to accidents. Two A-12 pilots were killed, Walter Ray near Groom Lake in January 1967 and Jack Weeks flying out of Kadena AB, Okinawa on 4 June 1968. After years of bureaucratic battles involving the CIA and the Air Force the program was terminated in 1968 – in favor of an Air Force SR-71. The remaining two A-12s in Okinawa left on 8 and 19 June 1968. The Operations and Maintenance facilities were given to the USAF for the SR-71 detachment. On 21 June 1968 Nevada resident Frank Murray made the final flight of an A-12 in Article 131 from the Area 51 Groom Dry Lake to the storage at Palmdale. In June 1968 OXCART & BLACK SHIELD were terminated as the BLACK SHIELD pilots were awarded the CIA Intelligence Star for Valor in the presence of their wives. Possession of the medal was withheld for many years because of the project’s existence remaining Top Secret.
Formerly classified TOP SECRET-OXCART, Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C., Project OXCART and Operation Black Shield were declassified 14 December 1998 and September 2007. The September 2007 declassification coincided with the dedication of A-12 Article 128 at CIA Headquarters during the 60th anniversary of the Central Intelligence Agency. Various participants in the project were brought to CIA Headquarters where for the first time ever the names of the Oxcart participants were declassified and released. This represented to the Roadrunners as being the first official acknowledgment of their individual participation in the CIA’s Cold War Project OXCART in Nevada. The Atomic Testing Museum is proud to be the first to acknowledge and welcome home Nevada’s Secret Warriors of the Cold War. Information about the upcoming events can be obtained on the Internet or by contacting:
Dawn Barlow, M.A. T.D. Barnes
Director of Communications & Development President
Atomic Testing Museum Roadrunners Internationale
755 E. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119 702 566-4168 office
702-794-5147 office 702-481-0568 mobile
702-561-6372 mobile

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