Blackbird Airpark Open House 2014 Photos

Photos of the Blackbird Airpark Open House 2014 at Plant 42, Palmdale, CA on April 26, 2014. Several Roadrunners attended for presentations and to answer questions form the public. Click photos to download a "super-sized" version...

Click here: AV Media Facebook page with a write-up of the event and lots more photos

U-2 and SR-71 pilot Tony Bevacqua, Lockheed Thermodynamics Designer Peter Law and A-12 pilot Ken Collins

A-12 pilot Frank Murray, SR-71 pilot Bob Gilliland, and A-12 pilot Ken Collins

Pilots Frank Murray, Tony Bevacqua and Ken Collins signing photos of the A-12

A-12 pilot Ken Collins

Pete Law and Frank Murray

U-2, A-12 and SR-71 Pilots

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