By: Joe Donoghue

DonoghueRoadrunner and former CIA Joe Donoghue was copied on this email from Lin Xu, a Chinese researcher in aerial photography and aviation archeology and passed it on to Webmaster T.D. Barnes to share with our members and visitors. It concerns a long-lost Tagboard that chose to land in China. Lin said, "The photos below are of the wreckage of a D-21B at the Chinese Aviation Museum - it is said that before this year's renovation, it was piled outside in dirt and for a long time the museum does not know what it was (see photo enclosed). When I was at the museum last January it was so cold I only spend 20 minutes and I missed it myself. The wreckage has since been moved inside. A memoir by a Chinese general claims that it fell down by itself in forests, largely intact, due to internal failures." Donoghue reports that previous U.S. claim was that this one was lost in a heavily defended area and implied that it was shot down. That does not look like the case. He said that Gen. Chen also commented about it.

Crash 1
Crash 2
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